‘Cutting Room’ by Arthur Charlesworth

Cutting Room is set in the “Town Welfare Department” of a town in the Midlands, Burtonwood, during public sector cuts. Four characters (David, Lucy, Ian, and an intern, Anne) have to take calls from members of the public complaining about the loss of public services, with the boss Harry coming in occasionally to offer cheerful but often useless encouragement. As the cuts continue, tensions run high, with Ian in particular taking his anger and frustration out on the secretary, Tilly. At the play’s conclusion there is a surprising twist, and we also learn that the workers have inadvertently cut themselves out of their jobs, as they have been filling in databases to fully automate the department. 

The next instalment in the Oxford Radio Series is out! I produced this radio play set in the Midlands, and also play fresh-faced, overeager intern Anne.

Cutting Room by Arthur Charlesworth


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