‘You’re Invited For A Tour of Christ Church’ by Michelle Chin

For Christ Church Arts Week, people who are not familiar with the college have been invited to collaborate on this project. In exchange of a college tour, the visitors have described something that had caught their eye. Through their elaborate verbal descriptions, you are invited to also explore or re-explore familiar or unfamiliar spaces through first-hand experiences and inquisitive eyes.

This is a bit of a belated announcement, but I participated in a rather cool project a few months back at the University of Oxford, where I study. Christ Church is one of the most well-known colleges in Oxford, and Fine Art student Michelle Chin created an interactive guide to the college with audio descriptions of various places within it. I wrote and recorded a description of the Old Library Olive Tree. Listen to the project here – my recording is listed under ‘You’re Invited To Open the Lid’.

You’re Invited For A Tour of Christ Church by Michelle Chin


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