‘Waiting for Gary’ by Katie Sayer

Anya and Chris have been divorced for 18 years. When their daughter goes into labour, they are reunited outside the maternity ward, and in the exchange that follows, they are forced to confront each other, and the awkwardness of their past, as they wait for their new grandchild to arrive. 

I’m delighted to announce that my first Audible project as a producer has been published! ‘Waiting for Gary’ is a short comedy by the wonderfully talented Katie Sayer, and was performed at the Burton Taylor Studio in Oxford late last year. It has now been converted for the radio, and you can buy all 37 minutes of this unmissable comic delight below. I also feature in the play as a new character in the form of a bored receptionist.

This is the first of several plays by Oxford playwrights that I am producing for the radio. Check out this tag for more.

Waiting for Gary by Katie Sayer


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