‘Mrs Pretty and the Premier’ by Arthur Adams

The Premier has decided that being married would be good for his image. He asks his stenographer for advice: (Premier) Good. Just jot me down a precis of the points made by your fifteen admirers when proposing – the points that specially appealed to you. (Stenographer) I’m afraid, sir, that what most appealed to me could not be expressed in words. In fact, it wasn’t words. But no, sir. The subject is too sacred…. (Premier)…But you could tell me how they began. The opening address, eh? How did they lead up? (Stenographer) Most of ’em just kissed me, sir. It seemed to give them confidence. (Premier) But I couldn’t possibly start like that. (Stenographer) It’s always done sir….

I played two characters: the Maid, and the Australian party whip Edward Vyce.

Mrs Pretty and the Premier by Arthur Adams


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