‘Dave Brings Home A Wife’ by Steele Rudd

After being a shy bachelor for a number of years, Dave (Dad Rudd’s second eldest son) has finally got married. To a “Girl from Town” named “Lily White”. When she first arrives at “Ruddville”, she and Dave’s sister Sarah get on wonderfully. But after some months, friction between the two young woman sets in, and Dave and Lily seek to have a separate house of their own on the extensive Rudd property. But Dad, though now a prosperous farmer, started out with his wife and children in a two-room settler’s slab-hut, and has a notion … exacerbated by tightfistedness … that all young folk should start out their married life like that and work their way up. So he finds, demolishes, carts, and re-erects a forty-year-old abandoned shack for his son and daughter-in-law. They acquiesce to accepting it, and in time even become rather contented there. But soon, Dave’s mother-in-law arrives for a visit, and cranky old Dad Rudd finally meets his nemesis.

I play Mary Murphy.

Dave Brings Home A Wife by Steele Rudd


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