‘Boris Gudonov’ by Aleksander Puskin

Boris Godunov_cover.jpgIn January of 1598, Feodor (Fyodor) I, the heir to Ivan the Terrible, died at the age of 40 and with him ended the Rurik Dynasty in Russia.  Feodor’s death came seven years after his half-brother Dmitry of Uglich died at the age of nine under mysterious circumstances from a stab wound to the throat.
During Feodor’s reign, Boris Godunov, Feodor’s brother-in-law, essentially ruled the country.  After Feodor’s death Boris was crowned the tsar of all Russia.  The country then plunged into what was later called “Time of Troubles”, marked by famine, plague, political intrigue, and general disorder and unrest.
Pushkin’s poetic drama takes us back to the beginning of Time of Troubles and the appearance of the first pretender to the throne, who claimed to be the miraculously surviving tsarevich Dmitry (Dmitry).  The true identity of the “False Dimitry” is not clear.

I play Ksenia.

Boris Gudonov by Aleksander Puskin


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