‘Through the Darkening Sky’ by Daniel Jeffries

61fCCkCBNmL._SL300_.jpgBook 2 of The Jasmine Wars is out!

Continue the epic saga of family, love, and war.

Across a century of chaos and upheaval, follow three generations of heroes who will change the face of China forever.

A young boy on the run from the Communists that murdered his family must survive in the harsh Tibetan wilderness.

A grandmother and leader of the underground railroad must face her dark past as a young revolutionary.

A brilliant but brash colonel races to uncover a shadowy conspiracy that threatens to tear the new republic apart.

When a Jasmine Revolution sweeps away the brutal Communist regime, China transforms into the world’s first AI-driven direct democracy, ushering in a golden age of peace and prosperity unlike anything ever seen in its 5000-year history. Now when an economic shock brings terrorism and ultra-nationalism roaring back, the nation’s favorite son, Colonel Ju-Long, races to uncover the traitors in his midst before his beloved country explodes into another devastating civil war.

But will long-buried family secrets mean it’s already too late?

The Jasmine Wars – Book Two: Through the Darkening Sky by Daniel Jeffries


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