‘Wheel of Fire’ Book 1 of The Jasmine Wars by Daniel Jeffries

51OMQ7DYVfL._SL300_.jpgAt long, long last, my passion project, Daniel Jeffries’ ‘The Jasmine Wars: Wheel of Fire’ is finally here. Never have I been so excited for an audiobook to come out. I spent four months working on books 1 and 2 (the latter will be out later this month), and now I can’t wait to release it to the world.

Experience the beginning of the epic saga of family, love, and war.

Across a century of chaos and upheaval, follow three generations of heroes who will change the face of China forever.

A young boy on the run from the Communists that murdered his family must survive in the harsh Tibetan wilderness.

A grandmother and leader of the Underground Railroad must face her dark past as a young revolutionary.

A brilliant but brash colonel races to uncover a shadowy conspiracy that threatens to tear the new republic apart.

When a Jasmine Revolution sweeps away the brutal Communist regime, China transforms into the world’s first AI-driven Direct Democracy, ushering in a golden age of peace and prosperity. From the earliest days of revolutionary fervor to the turbulence of war and rebellion, the powerful Zhang family is at the center of the storm. Now when protests and terrorism bring ultra-nationalism storming back, the nation’s favorite son, Colonel Ju-Long, must uncover the traitors in his midst before his beloved country explodes into another civil war.

But will long-buried family secrets mean it’s already too late?

Wheel of Fire by Daniel Jeffries

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