‘Secresy, or, the Ruin on the Rock’ by Eliza Fenwick

secresy_1703.jpgThis is an epistolary novel I greatly enjoyed, and it’s finally on Librivox! I play Janetta Laundy, a minor character who writes to and about her lover Montgomery. Listen to a sample here.

This is the story of Caroline and Sibella, two female friends. Strong and smart women who try to make it in a man’s world while keeping their values and loyalties intact. The only way to do that is to hide a few secrets. Yet secrets cannot remain hidden for ever, and everything has a price. This is both a social novel and a gothic novel. A true page turner with all the elements of a good 18th century novel: a woman locked in an estate, a hidden pregnancy, some politics of marriage, villains, sentimentality and thought provoking philosophy.

Secresy, or, the Ruin on the Rock by Eliza Fenwick


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