‘Little Dramas for Primary Grades’ by Ada M. Skinner and Lillian Nixon Lawrence


This was a short and fun project I contributed to on Librivox. They’re a collection of super-short plays aimed at children, or anyone who likes fables, I suppose. I played a wide variety of roles in this recording (all with different voices!). Here’s a selection of lines from them:

  1. Bunny Rabbit in Bunny Rabbit and the Lion
  2. Bird in The Maiden and the Bird
  3. Fox in The Fox and the Crow
  4. Gretchen in Hans and Gretchen
  5. Lady Moon in Lady Moon
  6. Magpie in The Magpie’s Nest
  7. Violet in Adventures of the First Spring
  8. Boastful Bamboo in The Boastful Bamboo Tree
  9. Sparrow in The Child and the Sparrow
  10. Lion in The Lion and the Story-teller

Little Dramas for Primary Grades by Ada M. Skinner and Lillian Nixon Lawrence


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