‘Rilla of Ingleside’ by Lucy Maud Montgomery

‘Rilla of Ingleside’ is the eighth book in the much-loved Anne of Green Gables series by Lucy Maud Montgomery. The story centres around Anne’s daughter, Bertha Marilla, or “Rilla” Blythe, and is set during World War I.

I play multiple roles in this: Bruce Meredith, Bessie Clow, Sarah Clow, and Mrs. Dean Crawford. Here are some of Bruce Meredith’s lines. Bruce is crying, because he strangled his beloved cat, Stripey, as a sacrifice to bring Jem Blythe back from the war.

Anne of Green Gables is all grown up and married, and this is the story of her daughter “Rilla”, named for the indomitable Marilla Cuthbert of Anne’s childhood. The young Rilla will need all her strength for the dark days ahead, as her coming of age will be in the midst of World War I. Her brothers and sweetheart will go to war, and not all of them will come back. Her sisters will become nurses, but Rilla herself is too young. What can she do back home to support the war effort? How can she be involved in doing good in her own backyard? What difference can one person’s ‘keeping the faith’ make in the titanic struggle of world events?

LM Montgomery, in this final installment of the Anne of Green Gables books, takes us through the terror, the suspense and the sacrifices of ‘The Great War’ as told through the eyes of Rilla. Of course, as in any girl’s diary, there are also chronicled the romances of Miranda, Gertrude, Mary and Rilla herself. At the same time, the small details of everyday life lighten the drama with humorous stories of the antics of the Ingleside cat, the putting on of a wedding with one day’s notice and ‘that prayer meeting’ which will forever go down in the local lore of little Glen St Mary!

Rilla of Ingleside by Lucy Maud Montgomery


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