Leanne Yau is equally as skilled with narrating the story, actions and events as with breathing life and personality into the characters giving each unique voice.

I couldn’t fault this. Leanne’s work was beautiful.

reviews for THE JASMINE WARS

Frankly, you are helping me fall in love with my own work again.  Thank you…I am getting to experience it all over again in a fresh way.


You have a great gift for storytelling.


The narrator did a terrific job. I love the timbre of this narrator’s voice. Her voice has a smooth cadence, not too fast, not too slow, and varied inflection that always keeps the story moving forward. She brings the different characters to life with different voices. I plan to search for other works she may have narrated, because the narration can really make or break a story and this one is a keeper!

Leanne Yau is a very talented narrator. Her performance was flawless. I can’t imagine it being any better. 

reviews for threads of silk

I really enjoy listening to your readings. I find your voice and accent absolutely intoxicating. I am in fact in love with your voice.  Please continue to keep reading so I may keep listening. A very sincere thank you for all your hard work in everything. You have a real gift for this art form. Please continue to share it with the world!

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I really love the way you read… I don’t know if it’s because of your accent or just the way you read but whenever you do, it has an aesthetic feel to it. It’s like watching a drama film with excellent cinematography. The way the camera changes its focus from one subject to another, the way it focuses on the face of the character to clearly show the emotion they’re feeling. Those kinds of films. Thank you.

Your voice is so amazingly gorgeous and I really enjoy the life you bring to the stories. There isn’t anyone who compares to you.

I’m in love with your reading, and I will now download every freaking thing of yours I can get my hands on! You are a divine gift.

I listen to this and I am reminded of that Lady Gaga quote… Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular.

You could read the back of a cereal box and I would listen.

It’s a bit of an understatement to say that I’m in love with your voice. Marry me?